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Common Questions

Why is it important for pets to donate?
Each time your pet donates, the various blood components produced are prioritized for local patients in need. Otherwise, it is shipped throughout the United States to veterinary hospitals and universities for pets needing blood products.

How often can my pet donate?
With routine blood work prior to each blood collection, dogs can donate every 4-6 weeks, and cats can donate every 8 weeks.

How long does the donation process take?
Expect to have your pet stay for about 3-4 hours. The blood collecting procedure takes about 15 minutes. The remaining time is spent examining your pet, sedating, providing donor benefits, monitoring, running blood work, and offering a meal after donation.

How long does my pet need to stay for the donation?
Blood donors are scheduled for drop-off appointments on weekday mornings. This allows ample time and appropriate staff to better accommodate your pet’s needs.

Will the procedure be painful?
The donation process is relatively painless and your pet will be sedated during the procedure. Blood will be drawn from the largest vein on the neck, allowing for the most expedient blood collection.